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A Matter of Perspective
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A Pro-LIfe Perspective


This blog is my attempt to create a forum for discussion on things that matter to me. It is a matter of MY perspective. It's okay if you don't agree with me, but please don't hate me. I try very hard not to have hate in my heart. This page is an experiment of sorts. I do not want to do all the talking (writing). When I do that I don't learn that much. I do want to listen (read). I learn a lot more when I listen. My perspective may be off and one sided. I am a fisherman from Galillee. I’m not kidding. That’s very true. I run a charter fishing boat and I sail out of Galillee, Rhode Island. I am also an Irish Catholic older man who does have a conservative outlook. However, I do like to get the other side of the story, issue or point. I think that's really important to get both sides. I maintain the right to change my perspective. Well here goes...my first blog!

Denny Dillon
Rhode Island
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