December 7, 2018 @ 6:06 AM


Innocently wish someone a Merry Christmas and you might get an angry retort such as: I’m not Christian and that offends me!  Or you might even get an old fashion Charles Dickens…Bah Humbug!  Or, you may get no comment, but just a grumpy smirk!  Clearly, your seasonal good wishes didn’t resonate with that person.

I can understand the secular left being upset at Christmastime because it is the longest season of the year that reminds them that America is still a religious country.  The secular left wants God out of everything; they especially want Christ out of Christmas.  That’s the chance we take when we as Christians say Merry Christmas; we may bump into one of these secular left warriors.

Scornful retorts to Merry Christmas can really amp up when the secular left identifies you as a Catholic.  That is understandable says Dale Ahlquist, a writer for the Catholic World Report,because “we are publicly professing a Catholic doctrine in a culture that hates the Catholic Church, proclaiming the Virgin Birth to a culture that scoffs at chastity and praises contraception, and singing “For unto Us a Child is Born” to a culture that kills babies.”   Even at that scornfulness, “(Catholics) are not celebrating Christmas to be counter-cultural.  We celebrate because we are happy. We commemorate a joyful event, and we commemorate it joyfully. We will sing and pray and worship. We will also eat and drink and laugh.” 

Championing Happy Holidays is, to me, another secular left ploy to take Christ out of Christmas under the guise of political correctness. The goal of the secular left is to get religion out of Western as well as Eastern societies.  Unfortunately, they have been successful in much of the public sectors of each society.

Most every elementary, middle, high school, college and university in the US doesn’t call it a Christmas Vacation anymore; rather they call it a Winter Vacation.  Companies don’t have Christmas Parties; they have Holiday Parties.  State house rotundas and town house offices display Holiday Trees not Christmas Trees and, of course, Nativity scenes are banned on public grounds. 

Fortunately, the private sector has rallied for the return of spiritual values and practices during Christmastime.  

Several years ago, the secular movement was so strong that many very large retailers decided to eliminate Merry Christmas from their November through December marketing campaigns.  The backlash was severe as Americans voted with their dollars by not shopping at these stores and in fact boycotting them.  Merry Christmas sales, decorations, and marketing themes have made a comeback in mainstream America much to the chagrin of the minority secular left, but to the delight of the majority Merry Christmas crowd.

Some say political correctness is a way of being nice.  I think it’s always okay to be nice, but the politically correct secular left people I’m talking about aren’t about being nice.  Their agenda is to rid cultures of God and that’s not nice.  They haven’t quite figured out that eroding divine rights is directly related to eroding human rights; I’m not into that kind of political correctness.  I believe that the sacred always trumps the secular at Christmastime.  Saying Merry Christmas is not an assault on “inclusiveness” as the secular left might have you think.

So, I say Merry Christmas!  Or, Happy Christmas Holidays is okay, but definitely you won’t hear me say Happy Holidays while standing in front of a Nativity scene or a Christmas tree.  My greeting is to wish you only Joy, Happiness and Love at the great news of a Savior being born!  

A kneeling Santa Claus is a powerful symbol of the secular bowing down to the sacred at Christmastime as it should be!  Yes, saying Merry Christmas is an act of defiance to the modern-day secular left.

Merry Christmas!