February 25, 2020 @ 4:49 PM

In an advertising campaign called #WhatsYourName, Starbucks encourages youth to embrace "transgenderism" and is giving funds to an organization known for pushing "sex reassignment" surgery for young children. According to reports:

"Starbucks U.K. has released an advertisement showing a short-haired young woman telling a server at a coffee shop that her name is James after various vignettes in which she is addressed as 'Jemma.' The sales pitch ends with Jemma striding past the Starbucks window with her coffee and the captions 'Every name's a story' and '#whatsyourname.' The latter is a reference to Starbucks's Twitter campaign in support of transgender philosophy.

"Commenting on its ad, the coffee giant said, 'At Starbucks, writing your name on a cup and calling it out is a symbol of our warm welcome. It's a small gesture, but it's symbolic of what we believe in: recognition and acceptance, whoever you are, or want to be. We welcome everyone'...

"Starbucks is also selling cookies shaped like a mermaid's tail to raise £100,000 for a U.K. transgender advocacy group called 'Mermaids.' Founded in Leeds in 1995, Mermaids controversially advocates for minor children to be given easier access to puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormones, and such body-altering surgeries as mastectomies and castration... " (LifeSiteNews.com; emphasis added)

Starbucks is promoting the "transgender" movement that has broken families and led many to irreversible, life-long regret. Worse, this move runs contrary to God's law, blurring the lines between man and woman...and it targets impressionable children to boot! Please sign our petition, telling Starbucks to stop this.

My Comment: I don’t have a problem with a 25-year-old or older person changing his sexual identity. If that’s what he/she wants to do with his/her life, then that’s his/her choice. I don’t agree with the decision, but as an adult you have a right to change. What I have a huge problem with is the progressive social justice warrior establishment supporting, encouraging and greasing the skids, so to speak, in promoting young people to undergo such a sex change.  

I see the transgender movement as another assault on the work of God. It is a another way of getting rid of God. If you are not satisfied with God’s work in his creation of you as a man or woman, then you can change your mind. You can do what feels good for you and you can disregard the natural order of things and biological truths. Of course, doing what feels good doesn’t stop at gender identity, it carries on to other issues like abortion. If you feel this unborn child is not good for you at this time in your life, then abort it. Or, if you want to have an active sexual relationship with anybody, then that’s okay also because it feels good! By gosh (we can’t say By God) because we are getting rid of him, if you want to covet your neighbors’ goods, then have a it because it will feel good to get what he/she has.  

I guess I will be cast into the “phobic” camp for saying this, but I am not tolerant with people who deny the truth. If you tell me you’re a 10-foot-tall green unicorn, I probably won’t believe you, because I can see you’re a person…a little weird, but still a person.